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Hat manufacturer teach you copy actress cap collocation method

by:ACE     2020-07-17
Hat manufacturer teach you copy actress cap collocation methods: sometimes really too lazy to find dress clothes, or modern street snap. Look at those casually but and personality, fashion sense are full of actress who want to trick? Hat the stars deserve to act the role of if you haven't learned, then don't delay again. To Copy the actress who hat modelling, let you even lazy modelling also random star flavour is dye-in-the-wood, no longer afraid of street snap is not enough. Hat making street snap star girlies knitting dress + thick with high heels, wide-brim gentleman cap + handbag about style: lady look next door with hat have a kind of elegant mystery; But so wide brim, slapped her face as she covered really fast. Hat making street snap star girlies shirt + leather pants + wide-brim hats + laptop bag + sneakers about style: cool leather pants and sports combined with cap collocation, mix the cool feeling with; Feeling in shoes will be better. Hat making street snap star girlies tannin gown + + beret + short boots bag about style: jeans and cowboy is safe and to determine the degree of fashion dress rules, ankle boots is the joker of footwear items. Hat making street snap star girlies T-shirt + grid coat + gentleman cap + jeans narrow feet + flat sandals + handbag about style: grid, recreational style t-shirts and jeans are neutral sheet is tasted, so god ten hat is also can match together. Hat making street snap star girlies knitting sweater + yoga pants + baseball cap, sports shoes about style: baseball cap already have the feeling of movement, loose sweaters and yoga pants are fashionable collocation method. Hat makes street snap star girlies small dress + overcoat, hat + short boots about style: short dress and little hat is the cute little girl, suit jacket show legs are long and the short boots. Hat making street snap star + leather pants full-on knitting sweater jeans + + narrow feet pointed shoes + straw + handbag about style: nude is the holiday with the most natural wind color, comfortable and casual in knitting sweater collocation sexy straw hat in addition to keep the feeling of leisure, and improved the degree of fashion. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one specialized is engaged in the adult hat, child hat processing customized hat manufacturer, has been mature and perfect production experience for many years, mainly for the international big brand hat and domestic well-known brand hat supplier, provide OEM custom hat and ODM customization service.
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