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Hat manufacturer sharing: the origin of the chef hat

by:ACE     2020-07-21
We all know that the chef general head wearing a white hat, but the traditional when, why and how the start? The following professional hat manufacturer, you can share it one of the more interesting. For the origin of the chef hat actually there are many different views, one theory is that one day, a chef to see a customer wearing a white top hat, feel very chic, customize a similar hat, and deliberately will hat some custom even higher. He wearing this hat to work every day, walking around in a restaurant, many customers are attracted by his special hat and attracts thousands, restaurant business is booming. Some other hotel, restaurant chefs to emulate after heard that, all for chefs also customize high chef hat. Over time, the white top hat became cooks decorations. As chef hat into the industry's traditional, authorities also developed the standard in cap: according to the chef of the technical level of the high and low and cook the length of the length of service, stipulate the discretion of the chef hat, enable people to have a look at hat will know that the chef's cooking well level and position, the higher the hat, craft skills, the better, and the higher position. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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