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Hat manufacturer sharing: the origin of the baseball cap in China

by:ACE     2020-07-20
In China is the first baseball cap and baseball was introduced into China, and the baseball cap and baseball to figure in China is the great Chinese engineer zhan tianyou. He was studying in Yale university, 1877 - 1881). And influenced by American baseball player, spontaneously organized a Chinese baseball team. Baseball is starting this time became popular in the Chinese. Later, as the overseas and home, leave a day in the United States, also brought the culture of a baseball and a baseball cap back to China, in Beijing in 1895 founded analyses college baseball team. In 1907, Beijing analyses college of tongzhou union college in the earliest Chinese baseball game at a time. Started in 1913 by China, Japan and the three countries of the far east games, all have a baseball game, China has repeatedly sent teams to participate. During the Anti-Japanese War, the eighth route army in northern shaanxi, such as shanxi-chahaer-hebei anti-japanese base areas had to carry out the game of baseball. But baseball is a rare movement at that time, athletes and not wear baseball caps, plus the conditions is limited, so the baseball culture in the popularity is not high, baseball caps are not been recognized. Chinese baseball and softball association was founded in 1979, the provincial, city also set up a branch. Then begin to baseball cap and baseball culture began to really popular, and baseball player is also the time to truly take all the symbol of the baseball baseball cap, then with the development and popularization of baseball culture, baseball cap is becoming more and more deeply into the lives of Chinese people, everyone has the right to take a baseball cap, ordinary people also to bring the baseball caps, baseball caps are made into different styles. Custom baseball cap choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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