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Hat manufacturer sharing: sun hat how to choose

by:ACE     2020-07-21
Hat is midsummer excellent choice for outdoor activities, not only can effectively play the role of shade sunscreen, uv protection, also can become a good fashion collocation, add a youthful vitality to you. But sun, process a lot of style, how should we choose? Professional manufacturer of custom sunbonnet hat Ace to support a move you below. 1, according to using frequency selection: in the work of outdoor indoor work friend's choice of sun hat is different from the nature, for a long time in the outdoor work friends choose hat should pay attention to its shading function, various kinds of light, wide-brim hats and working cap is most appropriate. Indoor work friends, the demand for sun hat usually only on the way to work or outdoor activities at ordinary times, so you can pay more attention in the design and color choice. 2, according to the shape choice: trim women, choose large sun; Form stout women should try to choose a light color, narrow eaves sun hat; Relatively short neck, with half eaves and narrow brim hat is suitable, if choose Dai Kuan brim hat, can make the person produces a depressive feeling; The person with white skin can choose colour more brilliant sun hat; Color of skin slants black people should choose pink, orange, light grey hat. 3, according to the hairstyle choices: women with long hair, choose to wear around wide brim hat, can get the result of hair from the sun; Short hair, choose Dai Kuan eaves or narrow brim hat is more appropriate. 4, choose according to age: young people choose colour lively, style novel sunbonnet, foil for enthusiastic and lively personality; The middle-aged prominence should be given to the age characteristics of generous, mature and stable. 5, choose according to temperament: choosing a hat to pay attention to match the individual temperament. Lively girl can choose the color contrast, design a slight exaggeration, sun hat can highlight personality. As a professional women, should choose to show the feminine flavour spell able and not lack of sun hat. Can choose a suitable hat the integral collocation for you to have the effect that make the finishing point, so hat choose not too careless, as a professional hat manufacturer, our Ace will also continue to customize a more elegant hat style, can let you have more choices on dress collocation.
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