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Hat manufacturer share what is hat

by:ACE     2020-07-22
Hat just as its name implies is refers to is mainly used to keep out the sun hat, as long as have the function that keep out the sun, we can collectively known as the sun hat, sun hat style is numerous, therefore style each different, but generally sun hat has your hat. Sun hat with good shading effect, so people often use in outdoor activities, more professional custom caps Ace hat to tell you, with better quality caps typically use breathable breathable material and design features will also pay more attention to. Sun hat of the specifications of the serial number of the size of the hat for man that is commonly fingers around the number of centimeters, so the choose and buy is very convenient. But considering some hat after washing shrinkage, therefore should be slightly larger when buying. General adult male cap number is 55 & ndash; 56, children caps is 50 & ndash; 55, baby hat is 42 & ndash; 46. Adult female hat, sun hat, and sport cap only points 1 & ndash; 3 three. If you want to customize caps but is not very understanding, or still have doubts, you can directly communicate with factory, professional hat manufacturer like Ace hat, hat custom problems are usually can answer for you!
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