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Hat manufacturer: fall and winter hat she diverts it, considering how good-looking?

by:ACE     2020-07-06
Hat manufacturer told babies fall and winter hat she diverts it, considering how good-looking. The weather really cold down, but the right hat bought a lot of the wearing not look good. This is easy to understand! Although the appearance and the land is high hat, but on the choice of hats in addition to pay attention to the material, color, version and so on aspects, their own face, hair, head type, the proportion of the head and body, and so on and so on factors will affect the effect of wearing hat. Small make up a simple chat with you today: the winter of the most common knitted caps, berets exactly what should wear. Knitting hat: knitting hat in the winter should be the most practical item, at the same time of concave shape, thermal capacity are also great. Thicknesses, but as a result of chosen wool knitting technique is different, the different hat version, knitted caps have much choice, so for the different proportion of face shape, size of bone mass, head and shoulders, and so on and so on the demand of exactly how to knit cap? Face fluency: hat for babies can not smooth face but the most unfriendly. Especially heavy boned babies, if do not pay attention to the choice of hats and hair is easy to expose mandibular or have the disadvantage of high cheekbones. To you want to try to choose the moderate thickness and will not be too tight knit cap, and it is best not to turn a circle, do you want to know is equivalent to double head. Like the face has a slight contraction effect of this kind of hat is the most don't pick people, you as long as a little hair in two buccal, instantaneous bju international can have with a delicate little face ~ head proportion: however, because we're not quan zhixian, so baby don't want to look the head a little bit small silly hair all tied up or clip to my ear. Because doing so is to face the consequences of the line will be suddenly and violently! The dew! No! Sorry! And face! Big! No! Than! But once put hair in two side and after wearing, Korean actress is how are you! Beret: beret in winter is also essential to the concave shape, and wen wan elegant temperament is especially suitable for Asian women ~ but want to wear It also was not hot so easily ~ face fluency: like It girl she is famous for his long face and bone mass is bigger, in the early days Alexa has tried the beret after wear and is exposed to the entire face to wear. But fortunately, repent in time, change to be inclined to wear and use bang and bending curls to modify the face, and she turned back into the elegant. Hairline and features: in addition to the face of fluency, the height of the facial features and the proportion of the hairline is also a factor to consider when wearing a beret. Hairline is higher or the court about longer babies tend to appear on the forehead is bigger, so this time we don't silly put on his forehead, through the small change of hairstyle can make you very good control the beret: oh ~ head head larger babies, please don't easily to try this fine knit beret. The material of the wrapped tightly is a nightmare. Because dreams and reality will points clear oh. So, you choose the more crisp obediently cover material loosely on the head. Don't worry about can not wear, because in the 21st century intelligent human beings have invented all beauty tips let you easily. Style: beret is he. At other times in French with a red stripe unlined upper garment beret sitting in the corner of Paris café Frame with black beret, printing T - Tshirt and choker walking in the streets of harajuku. So whatever style buy baby can consider to obtain a suitable beret oh. Finally, small make up say is guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one specialized is engaged in all kinds of hat processing customized hat manufacturer, provide OEM custom hat and ODM custom services. Welcome to map incoming sample custom hats. www。 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 com
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