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Hat manufacturer: cowboy hat on the head of the American spirit

by:ACE     2020-07-15
Hat manufacturer: cowboy hat on the head of the American spirit from a cowboy hat store back behind the century-old factory quality, traditional, classic style which is an American cowboy hat fashionable whole world heritage stories and jeans, who always keeps its regional cowboy hat. The origin of the American west cowboy culture with the south, cowboy hat represents a kind of spirit: bear hardships and stand hard work and willingness to take risks, independence and free and easy atmosphere. Wide brim means the sunshine, and on both sides of the folding and cock to make a hat that originally common rich individual character, asing if is the desert winds have blown it clever rise. The largest city in southern Texas, Houston, held each year in mid-march Rodeo Rodeo, three weeks a total of more than two hundred people, first cowboy hat market demand is huge increase. Although also can order online, but to the size, style and many people still prefer to go to the store quantity & other; Throughout the body &; And finalize the design. To play or watch the Rodeo, of course, not only wear cowboy hat, but the collocation of from head to foot, one of the most eye-catching, is also the most popular of cowboy hat. When the grand scene of how many people head, flow is how many cowboy hat. Houston there is a call to The Hat Store cowboy Hat shop, excellent reputation. Walk into the store, house full of cowboy overflow, meanwhile, the line of balance oily shine by years, crown mold especially striking. Also to hang on the wall celebrity list of customers, in addition to the film and television stars and sports stars, and the local two former US President George w. bush and his son. In, the owner Gary Cohen is steam shape a cowboy hat. He told me that the cap from the factory wholesale and retail, don't make to order, but from his shop sold every top according to the requirements of the customer's size and shape, & quot; Because this hat is part of the personality & quot; , Gary said proudly. Hung a small corner in the store of two frames, Gary, pointing to it has completely faded cheque under said: & other; This is one of my first sale in 1981 opened & quot; 。 Speaking of DianShi, the background of the restaurant is famous century-old factory American Hat Company, founded in 1915 by Gary's grandfather, Russia early immigrants Sam Silver created in Houston, then by Gary's father and uncle took over. Many customers come. From Colombia Mr Uribe Stewart is one of them, he said that while the South American also has sell cowboy hat, but the quality is not as good as in the United States. After one of the top player, his wife advice, wife smiled and said, so long as one year old daughter likes. Cowboy hat in the west and the south has been one of man outfit, but the real epidemic in North America, or after the 1940 s Hollywood westerns. From the past, John Wayne, Roy Rogers, to today's good sword sharp enough. Clint Eastwood, cowboy hat is popular in North America is closely related to the household names. In addition to the classic in the western image, cowboy hat has long been loved by the American country singer, also a guitar, a the original cowboy hat walk the end of the world with the song. Today Gary's second son Matt every day with my parents work in a shop, is the fourth generation of cowboy hat family. Matt took out was the grandfather of the photo, that a cowboy outfit handsome even today's young players are all very pretty. Clerk Jace appearance is very delicate, it is a real cowboy, had been active in various sports competitions and performance, has won many awards, this also let he can easily win the trust of customers. The cowboy hat batch production of the earliest is not actually in the west, is not in the south, but in the east of Philadelphia, 1865 by J. B。 Stetson after you come back from the west, was mainly to like he went looking for gold in the west or adventure, western cowboy hat is actually a cap. Cowboy game later in the United States, western cowboys wear this hat, everyone was called a cowboy hat. Customize the cowboy hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat! Guangzhou Ace hatting factory for more than 20 years focused on made hat factory, is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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