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Hat manufacturer: a hat to help you match all the clothes in the wardrobe!

by:ACE     2020-07-07
Hat manufacturer: a hat to help you match all the clothes in the wardrobe! Don't wash your hair tonight, tomorrow, idle young, needy old. I think everyone's procrastination is about the same, point to sleep don't want to wash, and then in the morning get up late and missed the shampoo. How dispel melancholy, only the hat! I can't help but to mind all kinds of street snap all kinds of sunglasses masks ( Occupational disease is made) , after all, half the entertainment circle flow flower love hat. This year qiu dong is daily hat there will be a baseball cap, hat and berets, hat is suitable for different dress up. What hat tomorrow? Of course depends on your face, hair style and clothes! The most famous baseball cap from Balenciaga baseball cap, Vetements, Champion, MLB. The mainstream color is black, white, pink, I think that green is cool? Below literacy for you. Cap is no longer the privilege of hip-hop group this year and little fairies can be bold to wear up, star or passers-by will be silly points not clear. From leisure suit to harness sportswear can no problem, no super that I only take a baseball cap. Black baseball cap with light color dress as far as possible, otherwise black coping can have very abrupt. Black fleece and black baseball cap collocation is the most natural, not much said, to have happiness in early autumn struggling south side. A set of jeans is afraid of wearing BLUE jeans? Wearing a black baseball cap is your savior! Beret beret is synonymous with elegance, I always think of thick French roast chicken. 。 。 。 。 Oh no, it's a French romance. But that doesn't mean that bailey can't leisure, fashionable people playing cool ShuaiFeng with it. Straight hair wearing a beret is the premise of bang, otherwise your head really is placed. The idea of fur clothing collocation beret is abroad tide people bring up first, neat bang attractive woman is cool don't don't wear a beret. Knitting hat on cold place to a knitted cap, head and ears are not afraid of catch a cold, have a little hidden skills is bringing increased effect. Suitable for all kinds of casual dress, also suitable for show MOE, but to face big fairy is not so friendly. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is a production of various kinds of high quality hat manufacturers, set processing, design, plate making, research and development as one of the brand. Welcome customers to map to sample processing customized various hats.
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