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Hat how to wash?

by:ACE     2020-10-27
Hat is one of the most common items in our lives, hat to how to maintain the right to make its longevity? Take a look at below maintenance tips hat. One, hat maintenance tips: 1, don't wear a hat in the rain, moisture will wreck of material damage cap, do not put the hat come into contact with the oily substance. 2, prepare a hard box for save the hat, to put the desiccant inside the box, with some filler cap before hat into type, and determined the hat is dry and clean. After 3, hat off, don't mess with, should be hung on the coat rack, or the clothes hook, the above don't heavy pressure, so as to avoid its shape deformation. 4 Dai Jiu, hat, hat oil dirties, dirt on both inside and outside, to wash off in time. Cap lining can remove the wash, and then stretched, lest sweat dirt on the cap lining be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, affecting the service life of the hat. Hat will often brush, adhesion in the cap on the surface of the sludge, oil dirties, can use soft brush dipped in hot, soapy water gently scrub, rinse off with clear water again. When washing hat, can find a same size and the hat round cans or porcelain bowl, put on a hat again wash, so as not to go out of form. 5, hat collection, want to brush away dirt, wash away dirt, bask in the sun for a while, Remember that not sunlight) , with a good paper, on the hat box, stored in ventilated and dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, in case of moisture. 6, hat cleaning more special, have not immersed ( Such as feathers, sequins, or have a backing paper hat, etc. ) , if the cap is made of cotton can wash, hat is paper pad can not wash, the most taboo in the washing machine. Second, the general hat right washing method: 1, if there is any ornament on the cap should be removed. 2, the appropriate cleaning hat first slight soaked with water and neutral detergent. 3, with a soft brush gently scrub. Part 4, inner ring sweat band part > of < contact with the head coil scrubbing a few times more, to thoroughly wash the sweat scale and bacteria. If choose the antibacterial deodorizes material, that this step is free. 5, will be converted into four petals hat, gently get rid of the water, do not use the washing machine dehydration. 6, spread the hat, tuck inside the old towel, dry flat shade, avoid by all means hang to dry.
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