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Hat how to match? Hat how to cleaning

by:ACE     2020-06-21
Hat how to match? Hat how to clean the felt hat, is a very nice hat, if the right, that is to promote several levels, can let oneself more have temperament, to see the hat how to match? Hat how to cleaning? Hat how collocation: 1, hat + shirt, jeans look out for: good classic shirt and jeans is joker, to match the color of the clothes, again to choose a joker color, White, black, brown, etc. ) Homburg, elegant fair maiden rocks came out at this moment, not jing don't give up. 2, hat + hand-knitted sweater coat + white T-shirt + high waist shorts hook: sweater, high waist shorts what highlight curves of a good cut, take a piece of white T-shirt have intellectual beauty, if wearing a black or beige width along the small hat, the picture is too beautiful, too beautiful and elegant romance. 3, hats + cartoon printed blouse or T-shirt + shorts or dress hook: if it is big in the summer, so you only need to wear a leg of the shorts, friend or fashionable net veil, and wear a hip-hop style of the cartoon blouse, printed t-shirts, deserve to go up again small cloth hat, is both humorous and vitality, can't think eyes are difficult. Hat how to clean: Step1: take a suitable amount of warm water, add neutral detergent, put in the hat, soak for 10 minutes. Step2: use a soft brush to brush the hat of the lateral and medial, especially the place of besmirch. Step3: one hand hold the hat and the other a hand in the hat, gently squeeze the moisture. Step4: spread the hat, tuck inside the old towel ( Other soft filler line) , put in ventilated place dry. Tip: knitting hat can soft brush gently scrub, but cloth kind of hat is not suitable for, strictly speaking, cloth kind of hat is not suitable for cleaning, if there is a stain, should dip in with silk scrubbing ammonia added amount of the mixture of alcohol and can't get the hat too wet, contorts in case. Guangzhou Ace hat factory, is a set design, production in a body's modernized hat company, 23 years custom hat production experience, can provide customers with: baseball cap, sports cap, empty top hat, hip-hop caps, hats, advertising caps, travel cap, promotional cap, cap, all cotton hat, cap, wash water cap, adult hat, child hat, five caps/six pages hat, sun hat/empty hat, flat hat/cap, fisherman cap/hat all sorts of styles, such as the material of the hat custom service, 3 - 5 days fast proofing and on time delivery, the company's website: http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 Com /, welcome to come to consult, for custom hat you like.
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