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Hat factory to share the flat structure drawings

by:ACE     2020-07-22
Custom hat professional hat manufacturer will first out hat design, for the back of the fabric cutting, sewing and other processes to provide the reference, hat design different will vary according to the types of hats, professional hat manufacturer Ace stand here share with you some types of hat a map flat structure system. ( 1) Cap ( Baseball cap) : tourism hat for six pieces of type cap, commonly before the peak, usable fine canvas, leather and other materials. The color of the hat, it is better to 12 May have difference between the color of the hat crown and brim. ( 2) Sun hat, sun hat crown has six pieces of type and the whole roof type two kinds. Under the brim of flat or type, suture is special, materials used or thin cotton khaki. ( 3) Baby hat: their cap for soft hat, made from soft floral cotton cloth, decorative lace and decorative. ( 4) Hexagonal beret: hexagonal beret as one of the beret, made, light-weight wool cap mouth and head circumference. ( 5) Six pieces of cap: six pieces of cap without a brim, hat to wear a belt, a casual dress that occupy the home. ( 6) Tell you pods, hat, hat factory, the pods, cap hat, cap mouth in conformity with the head circumference, can add flowers or feathers on decorations. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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