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Hat factory share nursing need to wear a hat in winter

by:ACE     2020-07-11
Hat factory share nursing need to wear a hat in winter? Many novice mom is not very understanding related matters during nursing, nursing need to wear a hat, so winter winter nursing how long to wear a hat, follow the below small make up details about understanding together. During the winter need a hat nursing nursing is to wear a hat to prevent the brain from the wind, because mothers after finish production is still in the weak period, whole body pores open, too, so this time blowing it is easier to fall have a headache. But don't have to wear a hat, say 24 hours a day temperature is appropriate, if the home is less than the cold wind blowing, is don't have to wear a hat. High temperature and wearing a hat to sweat, this will wet hair, and launch the wet often leads to blood vessels in the head cold contraction, cause have a headache. When recovering from the most taboo wu khan in winter, the winter cold give mothers wu to prevent leak, but do not wu wear will not leak, only when your body is full of sweat, will not leak, so don't realize all the sweat, the sweat is the bacterial growth, also is very bad to the body. In fact, postpartum care to avoid the head cold, don't have to wear a hat. Maternal postpartum resistance is poor, vulnerable to cold, so attention should be paid to cold temperature is proper, timely with hot hair as blow dry hair after shampoo, protected from wind, cold, heat, thermal creep in. Need to wear while going out on confined cap, autumn and winter temperatures, wind in outdoor wear a hat, it is very necessary. Winter nursing should how long hat general nursing to wear a hat a month or so. Winter room temperature is low, and maternal resistance is poor, vulnerable to cold, so wear a month or so hat more insurance. If after recovering from the mother's body is still very weak, so still need to continue to wear a hat, until the body back to normal. Winter generally confined cap with wrap head all advisable, more in the form of sets of head cap. But now, many mothers are more like half a pack of confined cap, it can adapt to different changes of temperature, use rise more convenient also. In terms of material, winter optional coral fleece fabric confined cap, but women feel comfortable is the most important, material qualitative, design is the second. Suggests two mothers lili cap, sweat will change in time, don't wearing wet hats. Some careful mother hospital maternal why hat when go to a hospital making inspection, almost all the women will notice there in and out of the hospital to their hat. Since recovering from hat heatstroke easily in summer, but why the hospital will send maternal hat? Experts to answer the question, points out that the hospital send maternal hat is for the following two aspects: one, to keep the clean health, maternal does not affect the maternity hospital to maternal lactation hair hat, because many women during childbirth and nursing, can not keep the hair clean and tidy, and thus affect lactation. New mothers in three or four days in the hospital, often do not have a habit of shampoo, even after the medical staff of persuasion, most of the new mother insisted on not wash your hair. And many mothers during nursing will insist on not hair cut, there are quite a few women with long hair, so that new mothers during the process of rest and lactation can appear very messy. So, the hospital offered to new mother a hat, wrapped up her hair, not only prevent hair disheveled, make the new mother appears clean, also prevent in mammals, these wild hair in children and affect lactation. Second, prevent maternal health effect on wind flow from the maternal hauled out of the room and operating room with a cart in the process of unavoidable should through the elevator and door and so on, there are often there will be some larger the wind flow, and some hospitals open the air conditioning. Hospital's concerns by these maternal larger stimulus of wind flow, affect the body health, so will be specially prepared a hat for maternal, ensure the safety of mothers. Hat factory small make up to introduce hat knowledge is more than the content. If you want to processing custom hats, please visit the Ace hatting factory's website. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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