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Hat factory: 'cap' collocation when wearing a classic temperament

by:ACE     2020-07-23
Guangzhou Ace hatting factory when sharing & other; Hat & throughout; Collocation wear a classic temperament of Panama hat Panama Panama hat name appears and geography, but actually in Ecuador's Indian group, local people use a technique called & other; Many lucky throughout the &; Plant fiber or textile with color stick, hat usually with black stripes or flowers for decorations. From production way, we can clearly define the panama hat for straw hat, become warped edge. The novel of the north China, a French writer Marguerite Duras lover in one set about panama hat is very classic, that is the Chinese valentine was the conquest of Duras with a sexy and elegant panama hat. Style properties: soft, sexy see Louis Vuitton are so passionate about panama hat, visible panama hat body that drew the elegant and sexy stylish for to all people. No luxuriant fat act the role ofing, only the top let you can enjoy Latin American customs lazy atmosphere of the hat, is full of hot spicy Ecuador plant straw breath and precipitation in the past, can make energetic sexy, also do not break the inner soft image. Especially on vacation, in a panama hat, immediately give you a full of mysterious aura of the story, give you a comfortable travel experience. Gentleman Fedora hat can list the kinds of ten several, zu equestrian cap, high hat, felt hat, etc. , one of the most affected by star debutantes pet is Fedora Fedora hat. Strictly from the hat back in the history of fashion, fedora hat is hit by the 19th century and in the light of the top hat. After the top hat fore round concave, brim with wider, so English gentlemen used to block rain, with it, of course, all is can create a lot of the modelling of natural and unrestrained freely. , natural and unrestrained want style attributes: hale and hearty and the marching soldiers as natural and unrestrained, no full-scale armed dressed in a uniform, sometimes only need a little hat. “ Pirate captain & throughout; Johnny Depp is a real tough guy, in the movie 'the public', he chose the 20 caps for the own hale style. Texture is soft but no trace of concise lines bring a new feeling of the cold. 20 cap after fashion of processing at the same time, more can reveal strong powerful man style. Mesh caps mesh caps also called trucker hats or trucker hats, baseball cap ( 棒球帽) A, but and the traditional baseball cap and there's a difference, that is the frontier is flat mesh caps, while other baseball cap & other; Duck tongue & throughout; Part is curved. Van hat is very popular in Korea, match again a sunglass is tide people the essential item of the street. Style properties: street, unruly due to truck cap is a branch of a baseball cap, is also a typical element of the hip-hop culture. Mesh caps like a horcrux is bearing the weight of the soul of the 90 s, even composed him deserve to act the role of Morrison often like this kind of unruly. Simple modelling can bring young fresh and unique vitality and easily loose amorous feelings. With a truck outside swimming cap over the weekend, or daily morning run, to the personality of the city men a chance to reveal easily fearless, serious face off the office. Deer hunting hat Deerstalker, also known as deer hunting cap, or earmuffs travel cap, as the name suggests, it is hunting clothing. It is one of the most classic traditional cap of Britain, with its unique shape and draw attention to themselves, but also because of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and spread throughout the world. This class is usually made of suiting hat, both before and after the brim, and earmuffs can fold, for Britain's sophistication on cold winter, particularly applicable. Deer hunting hat style maybe outdated now, really is one of the few who made and used it. But it is favored by many collections. Has properties of transformation by clothing gradually, become a collection and handicraft. Style properties: nobles, vintage clothes to restore ancient ways, deserve to act the role of restoring ancient ways. With the representative of the British gentleman to take a deer hunting hat, holmes swept away dull, absolutely not with on the streets & other; Bump cap & throughout; 。 Like volume, with three button wool coat collar, double row, all show the British of strong taste, style of traditional solemn noble is renewed. Little deer hunting hat, perfect relief is too thin, qiu dong is tie-in, but hale clipping makes everything do not fall into the monotony of qiu dong with weakness, angry. Crucially, heat preservation and modern. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory for more than 20 years focused on made hat factory, is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review. A set design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, embroidery, ironing, packing in the integration of professional hat factory, professional custom all kinds of hats, welcome to come to consult.
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