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Hat custom: how to choose suitable tide hat

by:ACE     2020-07-11

Hat custom: how to choose suitable tide hat hat look can be very beautiful, hat is bad also very funny. That how to choose a suitable hat? 1, see material pledge, appropriate season. Choose hat to see its material, choose suitable for the current season. Summer hats to choose good sunscreen breathable cotton or mesh material hat, winter hat to choose relatively thick with wool material or knitting hat. If want to buy a hat, hat is suitable in the summer of autumn. Such as pure cotton baseball cap, fisherman hat, the four seasons all appropriate. 2, look at the shape of the hat, wear appropriate. Choose hat when look at the shape of the cap and main style is tie-in face shape, color and accessories. Like a normal face, long oval faces with a baseball cap, cap type is more a bit; Square face choose hat caution, especially under the big can't take out on a small big feeling. Hat can be a little higher, such as big head cap, flat hat style such as comparison hale and hearty. Star super popular fisherman cap, there is a reason for certain, belongs to the joker, most don't pick one cap, the MM and GG can try oh. 3, look at the size, head circumference. Hat when the size, suitable for head circumference, wearing comfortable is the best hat. Don't just look at models head shape is very beautiful. Many hats with tail buckle design, can adjust the size, such as baseball caps, mesh cap, etc. ; Many hat is whole sealing design, such as a fisherman cap, knitted caps, hats, etc. , head circumference right is also very important. Measures of head circumference, concrete is: using a soft tape measure his hair line along the ( Hairline can eyebrows on the part of) , after the occipital nodes ( The back of the head bump) , left and right sides is symmetrical around a week. Possibly you may find a rope (you don't have a flexible rule, Even the new shoes will do) According to the above said method, around the head and measurement, and then record the location of the rope. Then find a measuring tape or ruler measurement. Really no ruler mobile phone app can also. Want to find a hat factory, custom bulk cap? Guangzhou Ace hat factory, welcome your consultation:
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