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Hat custom embroidery workshop process steps

by:ACE     2020-07-13
Embroidery craft is custom hat that is commonly used in process technology, fine embroidery craft do for hat have adornment effect not only, more can make the class of the whole hat promoted, value increase. Professional manufacturer of custom hats hat below will share with you the hat embroidery craft process steps. 1, silver eyes do not be embroidery thread color, drilling to alignment, found to have broken a stain or pick, cannot discard, need to tailor shop patches in a timely manner. 2, spelling a top edge alignment, eat evenly, pour stitches parallel and pour it out at the end, crown intersection three wire alignment. 10 needle stitch request: 3 cm. 3, double needle, after pills before, in and after the whole top half way there must be open after the bone, and maintain uniform around, absolutely cannot have broken edge cracking-off phenomenon; And before the whole first half way on the top of the general custom way to one-sided ( But the concrete can be customized according to customer's request) ; Article cover stitch color must be consistent. Stitch requirements: 3 cm 9 needles. Scientific and meticulous embroidery process can ensure the quality of embroidery craft at the same time improve the production efficiency, custom hat must have the quality and efficiency, choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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