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Hat after customized belt and the requirements of the hole

by:ACE     2020-07-11
Hat the customization process is composed of multiple steps link, hole in the belt and bag after production is also one of the ring, any high quality hat custom cannot leave the excellence of each part. So hat belt and bag after hole custom by any requirements? Ace professional custom hat under the hat will introduce you to. After take according to the different styles to choose, also have different requirements, such as button to take the burr: article wool top thorn length width narrow, tangent 0. Article 1 cm, straight corner turn needle, burr and cloth, 2 cm wide; Copper buckle little article: wide and narrow, from top to bottom level, tangent 0. 1 cm, wide straight needle turning corner, 1. 8厘米; Article three block button little: strip with copper to buckle, short article wide 1. 8 cm, single tangent 0. 1CM。 Package hole, whether handbags or machine package, or a single or double line, the overall effect and require the same as the double needle cover article. Hole arc smooth, after both sides radian. Pay special attention to, after the double needle tail to clean, do not make after the raw edges of the hole and wool top. Details of decision quality, guangzhou Ace hat always pay attention to each custom links, the pursuit of higher quality of hat custom. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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