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Guy wearing a baseball cap against the five 1 million bonuses has married

by:ACE     2020-11-01
On October 28, early in the morning, xuzhou small small posterity came into the province be smiling the ticket hall, he presented the lottery won the lottery on October 19, 13285 arranged 5 game award of 1 million yuan. Light blue denim, navy hat-cap-factory.com/baseball-cap' target='_blank'>baseball cap, improves the & other; The cowboy & throughout; Cool. Talking about her purchase color experience, improves said there is nothing special, & other; Study the charts, when I was free to arrange 5 pick five Numbers, much simpler than seven figures. ” On October 19 evening, xiao sun to eat supper with a friend, then walked into the often buy lottery tickets if heaped-up mountains site bus station near the town of 03997 body colour, after some consideration, he customize 5 note number, 10 times and times. That night, 13285 5, prescribe the winning Numbers for & other arrangement; 57156' , note: customize won first prize in note number 3, 10 times times brought him 1 million yuan of the total. After completed award procedures, xiao sun said, although his present job salary is not high, but also relatively stable, so he temporarily not to use the prize money, and will be left to do great things. As for what is a big, xiao sun said with a smile, & other; I'm 30, aren't married yet. ” Has been arranged 5 play on & other; Small size, large energy & throughout; , as of October 27, the play this year has been for jiangsu color friends sent out 18 millions more award. Guangzhou professional hat manufacturer professional custom baseball cap, sports cap, golf cap, hat, hip-hop cap, brand promotional caps and other kinds of hats, welcome to our factory to negotiate.
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