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Gao Meng hits, detective Pikachu hat

by:ACE     2020-06-13
After wave after wave of trailer propaganda, an adaptation of the nintendo 3 ds game with the same movie 'big detective Pikachu finally fixed gear, leading role is still Gao Meng lovely Pikachu, different is that it will be put on a hat Sherlock Holmes, as a detective, but a hat Pikachu likeability will not discount! On May 10, detective Pikachu hat Gao Meng hits, you don't know the top is not worth living? The Pikachu live-action film dubbing the small base base actor Ryan, please. Reynolds, sprouting of appearance with base is the base of poison tongue high contrast of feeling or acosmia feeling? We must go to the cinema to explore. The Pikachu debut as a detective, to coincide with the detective image back to it with a classic Sherlock Holmes hat. Don't know if it once because Sherlock Holmes and well-known hat, can the by sprouting sprouting Pikachu once again active in our eyes? Wear this top Pikachu with holmes hat, everyone is a detective, on May 10, let us to go to the cinema with MOE of Pikachu entertaining together! Custom with hat can Ace to guangzhou, professional hat manufacturer!
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