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Fisherman hat suit to match what the face how

by:ACE     2020-06-24
The fisherman cap is part of the Hiphop culture, bring is very good-looking, fisherman cap for how to face? Every face shape does not take, fisherman caps to match only good-looking? 不。 Line 1 round face shape characteristics: rich, ovate, with a childlike, drawback lies in the lack of lines stereo feeling. A modification key: solve face too round faults, make the line of sight more slender. Recommend a cap type: wide brim lady cap, head wide belt, cap. 不。 2 elongated face face features: long face face long and narrow cheeks width. Modify key: through accessories, on the vision, shorten face lines to the appropriate length. Recommended hat: service cap, fisherman hat. 不。 3 nabla face face features: inverted triangular face contour mainly show on wide below narrow line. Modify key: major modifications to face above wide blocks, but basically, inverted triangular face on pleasant to wear hat problem is not big. Recommended hat: hollow cap. The fisherman cap collocation methods: 1. Tie-in outdoors, item since the fisherman cap with & other Ugly & throughout; Draw a line, the first thing to note is not to be a fisherman hat about outdoor temperament, once around, no matter how ingenious design fisherman hat will eventually be considered love outdoor activities, fashion the terminator of the masses. So on the dress if not sure, must not be and outdoor sports clothes, too casual dress collocation are together, or to no one can save this & other Dark cooking & throughout; Level is tie-in. The so-called urban feeling, is in the dress collocation midstream shows strong flavor of the city. To hit the nail on the head on the accurate city feels dye-in-the-wood collocation skill, might as well take blogs and websites through the street, the best is based on the New York, London, Tokyo and Paris metropolis, so they are the world's economic and cultural center, urban development has experienced years of precipitation. At the same time, the city has its own unique temperament and subculture environment, so their understanding of clothing is to thoroughly and clever. 2. Alert as the elderly at home, the fisherman cap is often elderly clothing stores on the street can see hot style sheet is tasted. So, it is hard not to fisherman hat linked with the impression of old people. So how do you want to reverse the image, so wear take a fashionable breath? Is actually very simple, want to be a young man. Young people here is not to age stratified fisherman cap, actually is to seize the young mentality, ponder dye-in-the-wood and fine interesting match. Choose a few color design interesting or beautiful fisherman hat is this season is the best fashion tips. In addition, actually such old hot style item back on the situation of the modern listing is not the first, try to think, to popular hat this year not so? Therefore, referring to the way of hat, wear a hat into the fisherman hat is also a good choice. 3. Formal occasions of small interest due to the fisherman hat soft texture, can fold, even in collocation & other; Serious & throughout; Fashion, compared with the wide-brim wool felt hat, it can often bring a casual along with the gender, even dress, winter formal occasions in the thick coat, also can become street in an instant and lightsome. The real fashionable people may fear most hear & other; Dress up & throughout; Such evaluation, always afraid of have overexert embarrassment. So, when do you think if wearing a hat appear hard all the time, might as well to replace hat with a fisherman cap, even in the winter, can select the baize of fabric & other; The fisherman hat & throughout; , this not only clever use hot item in the quarter, and at the same time also can let you light. Fisherman hat knowledge is introduced here, it is not easy to find suits own hat or. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory professional custom hats 23 years, the welcome general customers processing to make all kinds of hats.
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