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Fisherman hat classic popular logo, Stussy new fisherman hat

by:ACE     2020-06-24
Popular logo Stussy is originated in the United States, by combining the skateboard suits, overalls, old school uniform design to form a unique street fashion style. Stussy in basic includes all of the clothing accessories, from clothing to bags and hats have Stussy elaborate design. In the hat design, stussy especially favored the fisherman cap design, the fisherman cap is one of the most popular fisherman hat popular logo. The classic popular logo launched recently what new fisherman hat? We went to the Stussy website 8, below and see it together! At the first fisherman hat zha glance cap body it is along the lines of the course design, material also looked on choose waterproof sunscreen, UV resistant material, the sense that gives a person is very suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, when worn. Should be summer outdoor activities, very practical, a fisherman's hat. In the second paragraph of the design is simpler, single tonal, tonal on the brown a little ancient flavor, the biggest point should be flat and the deeper of cap body design, put on this hat should have a high cold, dark, cool feeling! ! ! ! Third paragraph is a knitting fisherman cap, grid knitting style is very elegant literature and art, the choice of the color is more mature, the whole hat give a person a kind of mature and elegant feeling, the feeling will be very suitable for go of cognitive style lady lady! These a few Stussy hat don't know if you have love? Want to see more Stussy hat you can also go to their website to browse, of course, if you get inspiration from Stussy hat design design hat, want to customize, we welcome consulting Ace hat!
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