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Finalize the design how cap collocation, you should figure out these before finalize the cap

by:ACE     2020-07-27
Finalize the cap how to match, you should figure out these before finalize the cap! Correct wear finalize the cap, the most important thing is to clear up the raw material and time allocation. Hat the autumn and winter seasons, it is suggested that choose the dark wool materials, heat preservation, as well as the largest rolling joint qiu dong season we used to wear dark clothes. Spring and summer type cap, are mostly a decorative effect, permeability is very important at this moment, weaving straw hat or other breathable material are good. Many people feel gentleman hat is suitable for westerners only three-dimensional face, but actually otherwise, although compared with Asian men face is relatively flat, but as long as choosing suitable hat is also able to play a finish to face effect. Light-coloured hat the simplest create a Mediterranean vacation rocks. Pick the brim a little narrow, slightly upward turn hat can make all the more sunshine dynamic modelling, change the dress in the harsh winter heavy feeling, Wide brim is more suitable for the elderly) 。 Weaving small white hat is a lot like a holiday wind modelling of male in almirah necessary sheet is tasted, monogamous clean white shirts and leisure suits, suddenly turns into a romantic natural and unrestrained Playboy! Wool hat and long coat is a classic winter the full-on allocate, hat and long coat well formed the heaviness on the vision. Hat materials and workmanship not only determines the wear effect, is also important basis of pricing. So have experience of customer before buying will be careful inquiry of raw materials, and whether the handicraft weaving, in general, hand knitting and woven hat cost will more than double. More beautiful hat in the Ace hat factory, custom hats, on the Ace hat factory, http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 Com /, we more professional!
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