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Felt hat how to maintain

by:ACE     2020-10-16
Felt hat nobility is elegant, can foil ladies fair maiden temperament, is a lot of women in love hat style. But felt hat itself is special material and craft, thus maintain up also more complicated than the baseball cap, cap these common hat, a lot of friends because of maintain undeserved cause deformation within the felt hat. Then felt hat exactly how should maintain? The following professional custom hat crown reaches a good chat with you. Felt hat wearing much will inevitably become dirty, so it is necessary, wash in the 30 - should be used when cleaning felt hat 40 ℃ warm water, cold water and hot water is not suitable, because the felt fabric has a certain water imbibition, therefore not easy to deformation under the influence of water can be machine wash, hand wash. Storage problem, because the felt fabric itself is relatively warm fabrics, so may not be very suitable for wear in summer, will be stored at this moment, for the felt hat store also is to have cultured, not first stored hat can be folded, also can not put things pressure on the top of the felt hat, it is best to put the felt hat on the top of the position, it might be possible to hat into some padding inside, can also be cotton, paper bags, can effectively prevent the hat deformation. Also to ensure that the dry and ventilated place. Daily care, sometimes felt hat may only be stained with a little bit of dirt, dust, hair also not to need to wash, then how do you clean up? We usually possess hair will pat directly, but never felt hat remember directly pat, it is best to use a bit of a viscous fluid tape stick to gently. Felt hat both can improve temperament and good-looking, and the price is more expensive, a hat, if maintain undeserved and didn't wear long as scrap as it's too bad. Hope this article can help you better manage your own felt hat! ! ! !
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