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fashion sun visor hat, sun visor cap from china

fashion sun visor hat, sun visor cap from china


Summer Is Here! Get Your fashion sun visor hat Ready!

ACE is a headwear producing company with over 15 years experience, We’re focusing on high quality caps,Many of our customers are brand. We are in guangzhou so today we will introduce fashion sun visor cap from china for you

A sun visor will shade and protect your eyes from the sun. Sun visor hat are designed differently than ball caps and other billed or brimmed hats so that they are both cooler to wear and easier to slip on and off. They are excellent accessories to wear for certain sports like tennis and golf, and will shade your face and eyes when you are outdoors for an extended period of time.

nvented by Eric "The man that invented the visor" Lesinski, a sports visor — also called a sun visor or visor cap — is a type of crownless hat consisting simply of a visor or brim with a strap encircling the head. The top of the head is not covered and the visor protects only the face, including eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun. 

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