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Fashion out with hat? Not wash your hair is nice!

by:ACE     2020-07-01
Fashion out with hat? Not wash your hair is nice! It has long there is a rumour that men and women fashion didn't wash out with hat? In fact it's not! Conform to wear a hat can help you to improve the whole people look! ( Of course not shampoo can also) Exactly what kind of hat should match what kind of clothes, color collocation pays attention to is what? We take a look at. The fisherman hat first of all, the fisherman cap is also a big fashion week darling. Various styles of fisherman cap collocation in fashion week show, pure and fresh and the wide brim of leisure sun hat, A word skirt white collocation striped shirt and cream-colored is also very good. Fashion street snap is all kinds of belt, whether it is a what kind of clothes, put on all the instant elegance. Is amazing. Jointly and severally, PVC material and special fire, and red. Rihanna has been privately like with all sorts of fisherman cap, and all sorts of bang hair style collocation is very good-looking, Monki how how how head big. The fisherman hat can say is a favorite of the stars. Off the plane after, need not how pesters to his hair, with a fisherman hat that is the most suitable item. Jackson basically is the collocation of fleece or clothes, more relaxed and simple, the color of the hat is essentially black and white and grey or blue jeans. And like gd like this choice on the suit is tie-in fisherman cap collocation can also reduce the suit's formal sense. Don't feel hard, to attend the activity. Cap cap is a longest fashion entertainment style is the best choice. The black cap and sleeveless sweater cardigan photograph echo, tie-in proper. Many fashionable brands on the catwalk will wear a cap. Tie-in sportswear or t-shirts can be a good match Victoria song that a set of black pajamas assembly on a black cap, the languid is lazy performance along with the gender is very strong. Basically when selecting a hat can refer to your own color is tie-in, take the least error and look good on this. Straw hat this year, the most powerful push is straw hat, not a straw hat in summer I can't say the past. Jacquemus popularity is high this year, shows when the costume is unimaginable. The brim of the greater the modern degree is higher, let a person not want to buy one! But our daily may use less than the size of the brim, can use some medium-sized with a straw hat what was in the seaside take pictures! Though the embroidery design flat wide brim hat is a bit complicated, but with contracted modelling in summer can be best fine absorption technique. Even if not in the sea, now a lot of fashion bloggers, talent will Look in the street elements used in straw hats. Standing in front of the fruit shop is a pure color dress with a straw hat, with Hawaii flavor in an instant. When choosing a hat can choose the color you wearing yellow pockets and zippers and yellow hat set off each other and become a bright point. Blue plaid shirt and cowboy hat is set. If the clothes color is more, can choose one of the colors to match. , of course, also can and scarf what make collocation, stitching color decorative pattern is also very interesting. And shoes the same color, the effect of the fore and aft echo also can refer to. Few words said here today! As for the rumors of fashion all don't wash your hair can also rumours, later don't wash day took hat ( Sh) Can disguise fashionable girl! Hat factory small make up to introduce hat knowledge is more than the content. If you want to processing custom hats, please visit the Ace hatting factory's website. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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