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Enthusing about beret, ishihara beauty wearing a beret beauty in a new height

by:ACE     2020-08-23
Ishihara in the United States believes everyone not unfamiliar, but Mr Ishihara beauty is in the hat control don't know you know not to know? Ishihara beauty in a traveling show recently exhibited her hat in the control side, unexpectedly in a shop to buy 11 beret. Show & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Come to the French border, is the birthplace of beret, ubiquitous berets, old hat in one hundred went into a shop, after our mei-mei dalai & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Opens the shopping mode, berets try wearing a cap and a cap, from purple to fluorescent green, again from the fluorescent green fluorescent yellow, all sorts of color to blue, red, khaki beret to try out a cap and a cap. These a beret on & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Head is good to do! In the face of such a difficult choice, our trenches & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Decided to all bought and with carefully selected 7 hat asked how much money the boss, that 7 as long as the top 16200 yen ( About 1012 yuan) Inhuman, trenches & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Call is cheap, and bought four more tip, and the last ishihara beauty bought a total of 11 beret, spent 25700 yen ( About 1606 yuan) 。 The one-time buy 11 beret, ishihara beauty can say am a beret control! But & other; Ten yuan & throughout; Wearing a beret so good-looking, also no wonder she so like this hat.
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