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Dress collocation is very good-looking, can do great harm to shoes

by:ACE     2020-06-17
Recently, the fashion of the celebrity Kim kardashian on ins Po out a set of photos, has always been strict in fashion dress up card kardashian to wear a pair of flip-flops, but this double belt with high flip-flops on collocation her favorite package hip skirt still fashionable feeling. If not carefully think, this is a double word procrastinates of our daily lives in the flat, whether also can have such fashion sense? Maybe it will be people think you are a casual, sloppy rot female? So dress collocation is very good-looking, the influence of the shoes is very big. Summer is dress of the season, and a lot of people at the time of choosing tie-in may encounter a problem, is too focused on the skirt and ignored the choice of shoes, but is often the neglected shoes let's match away more success. Want shoes and dress collocation, color, shoes and skirt length should be fit to each other. Collocation of all kinds dress, shoes tend to act as & other; Green & throughout; The role of, that is to say, should focus on the dress, shoes need to do is to blend in and cooperate. If their upstage, can cause point accumulation, walking like a kaleidoscope, feeling giving a person is a little busy. Of course, if you choose skirt is contracted so the choice of shoes can also be more fancy, anyway, there is only one integral collocation to highlight points is the best. Many girls are likely to have the same experience, rushing out in the morning, wear good dress and shoes to the front of the mirror, always feel a bit strange, is also a heart think to dress yourself wear not good-looking, not suitable for yourself, actually the problem maybe is shoes. Shoes and dress collocation is exquisite, is much more heavy shoes don't fit fairy skirt collocation, more unfavorable skirt collocation of the profile modification of the design feeling thin sandals, and small fish mouth shoes and thick one word with high heels are relatively old style is not suitable for skirt. So the next time you feel like to wear skirt almost feel, remember don't the staring at skirt, look down a bit, change the pair of shoes to try. Want to make the finishing point, also can have a try with a nice hat oh, like a fisherman hat, straw hat is very suitable for skirt collocation hat style!
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