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Custom hats manufacturers: practical or concave shape outdoor sports hat how to choose?

by:ACE     2020-07-28
Custom hats manufacturers: practical or concave shape outdoor sports hat how to choose? Let the hat factory below small make up to introduce to you. Hat is very important in outdoor sports but also overlooked part, already can wind can also prevent bask in, can warm and heat dissipation. Outdoor hat a lot of more phyletic, everyone is not the same as appropriate. Together today to see how to choose suits own outdoor hat, both can protect themselves and can be beautifully concave shape! One, the necessity of outdoor wear a hat to keep warm, to go outside in winter, a large part of the body heat from escaping through the head, if you want to keep the heat, the best way is to wear a hat. Health care: the head catch cold catch cold, light feel dizziness, headache, or accident will happen. Wearing a hat can stop wind, limit the damage. Protection: hat can appropriate buffers, limit the damage. A slight knock against, can avoid slightly. Prevent bask in: to go outside in the summer, choose to have cap cliff hat, can reduce uv damage. Beauty: beautiful hat can help you in the outdoor concave shape, leaving the most beautiful moment. Second, the classification of outdoor hat 1, wide brim hat costume effect is very obvious in outdoor & ndash; — Prevent bask in. Summer for a long time in outdoor activities, it can bring you a full range of protection, prevent sunburn tan. Also can prevent the leaves, such as insects fall into your hair. 2, sun hat is suitable for daily wear, can choose according to the sun basked in the direction of shading direction. Hat is the most widely use. In choosing to choose quick-drying cloth, as far as possible choose to have uv protection function. Quick-drying fabric is thin, select the sunshade is soft, receive is very convenient. 3, knitting hat this is the most commonly used winter hats, convenient to carry, heat preservation effect is very good, deserve to go up in fleece inside is very warm, it's no problem for me to use in the campaign. 4, lei feng's cap warmth with bare see feel very warm. In use will be very warm, neck and head chin will because of the moisture near the retention of breathing becomes very cold, sometimes with this kind of hat in sports has a face always pull out the feeling of cool, pull head hot hot, one should feel. Can you wear full face masks and face mask, the effect is very good. Note: in the selection of the outdoor hat, had better use quick-drying fabric. We all felt the pure cotton in our daily life is a kind of comfortable material, however, is rarely used in the outdoor hat. Pure cotton has good moisture absorption ability, wet cotton after water often and not easy to dry, and heat performance, let Dai Zhe under sorching summer double sultry and wet hungry, outdoor is a kind of pain. And quick-drying material hat good permeability, thin fabrics, suitable for outdoor use. General spring and summer outdoor activities, outdoor cap, the first important thing is to prevent bask in uv protection function, the second is quick dry cool materials, even kubla khah dripping wet environment, so we can keep dry and cool in the outdoor. I hope everyone can choose according to their own outdoor travel plans to fit your own hat, both reach the purpose of protection, can also own modelling add color, so as to better enjoy the outdoors, travel can also leave some beautiful photos. Finally, small make up say is guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one specialized is engaged in all kinds of hat processing customized hat manufacturer, provide OEM custom hat and ODM custom services. Welcome to map incoming sample custom hats.
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