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Choose hat main consideration of several aspects

by:ACE     2020-10-31
As is known to all, cap is put on the clothing of the head, most can cover the top of the whole head. Is mainly used to protect the head, part of the edge of the hat will be outstanding, can cover the sun. Hat has a sunshade, decoration, and protective effect of warming. So a lot of more phyletic, the choice also has exquisite. Let's choose hat to understand main consideration of several aspects: first, according to their own face choose appropriate hat. A person's face can be roughly classified into three types: frame, a round face, the word face. Frame is usually chin is pointed, suit to dome cap. If round dome cap, we will face big, small cap, so wear a cap to suit. The word face relative to other two kinds of face are more likely to choose a hat, basic hats all are right. Second, choose appropriate hat according to their bodies. Tall people should not be high cap, hat appropriate shoulds not be small, or it will give a person a kind of head light, heavy, high above the feeling. A short person should not be wearing a big hat, can appear otherwise is shorter. Third, according to the dress choose the collocation hat. The hat of plain clothes can choose bright color or colors to ascend, to try to adorn. If clothing or partial light compare flowery, appropriate chooses a solid colored slant a little hat, such collocation is brilliant but also element, however, highlights the elegant temperament. Crown reaches the Hat order hotline: 0755 - 22319600 】 Hat is guangzhou hat manufacturer, provide guangzhou order include: baseball cap, golf cap, hat, female marquee, Dr Degree man, guangzhou hat factory crown reaches dress!
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