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Children's hat: custom manufacturer for the baby when you need to wear a hat?

by:ACE     2020-08-11
Children's hat custom manufacturer to tell you what children's hats with good-looking, when need to give the baby a hat? Baby hats need to pay attention to what? Many parents when children dress up, and hope to have your baby can be pretty handsome, but again afraid have improper handling can cause bad effects to the baby, perhaps dysplasia may be injured, so small make up cloth networking today to introduce for you about how children's hats to wear good-looking, how the correct hat is better? Want to learn more words went down after small make up together to watch it. For the baby when you need to wear a hat? Interior: a relatively low temperature outdoor: there is wind, and compare the cold most of the cases, the baby is not need to wear a hat indoors, unless the room temperature is very low. Under the environment of the room temperature is low in cap, mainly to keep out the cold warm. And in view of the sand, cold outdoor environment, wear a hat in addition to keep warm is to prevent the wind baby head straight. When baby don't need to wear a hat? : indoor temperature is appropriate, or heating enough outdoor: there is no wind, when the weather is warm. Because most of the baby is very active, metabolism, head also love sweating, if in the above case, the hat can affect the baby instead of heat, sweat, and then remove the label of it will be easier to catch a cold. The risk of wrong hat, hat under the above situation, the baby is also very easy because of overheating, lead to appear little red rash, white pus, roof, etc. , so the treasure treasure mom dad, to avoid the baby over your heat. What kind of hat is not suitable for baby wear? 1. Too tight or too loose hat, parents in the baby hat when the choose and buy, should choose the hat than the baby's head a little bit loose, or hat too tight will affect the development of the baby's head and the circulation of the blood. But if the cap is too loose, twice as long as the baby a little activity, can make the baby hats to cover the eyes or cause hat off. Style too fancy hat, baby hat color can choose a few more bright-coloured color, but the hat is best not to have multifarious adornment, because objects fall off easily cause the baby to eat, and relatively sharp decorative objects will scratch the baby's skin. Airtight hat, wool, rough, or if the nap of the hat is very easy to fall off, is not recommended for baby to wear, because the loss of fluff will harm the baby respiratory tract. And rough texture hat, it can cause damage to the baby skin. Airtight hat really can keep out the cold, but the baby after sweating perspiration to evaporate, easy to cause the baby head rash. So, parents should give the baby to choose quality insulation lightsome, soft and breathable cotton hats. Ok, hat factory, small make up today to introduce the contents of the knowledge about hat is more than that, if you want to processing custom hats, please visit the Ace hatting factory's website. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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