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Childhood memories, a New Era winnie the pooh baseball cap

by:ACE     2020-06-19
Winnie the pooh is the classic Disney cartoon image, with a lot of childhood growth after 80, 90, is a generation of childhood memories. And a New Era is the famous hat brand, is the major professional sports leagues ( MLB, NBA, etc. ) The official partner. The baseball cap is with you in promoting the pooh by Walt Disney authorization, to design and manufacture of New Era hat style. The winnie the pooh baseball cap has a flat eaves and curved eaves two kinds of styles, mainly USES the winnie the pooh animated cartoon image as a decoration. Through exquisite embroidery process, various classic cartoon character of the winnie the pooh graphically displayed on a baseball cap, if you're a hat, like winnie the pooh, so this kind of hat is definitely worth your collection. Here are a few of the series of hats. Want to see more styles you can go to the New Era's website browse and view. If you have any good ideas, welcome to our Ace hatting consulting custom!
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