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Champion fisherman hat true and false identification method

by:ACE     2020-08-10
Said to the fisherman hat is famous brand, champion should be one of them, they have said & other People afraid of famous, pigs afraid of fat & throughout; , a brand name is too big and too popular inevitably would have caused a lot of fake, imitators. Causing a lot of people who want to buy the real thing, has bought the fake. So a lot of people after buy hat do first thing in the hope to identify yourself to buy the real thing or fake. Let's take a look at the champion champion fisherman cap true and false identification techniques. 1, the embroidery work, authentic champion fisherman cap embroidery logo work nature is very sophisticated, elegant, low-level problem won't have to take off the line, if you buy a champion fisherman hat looks obvious can feel logo embroidered work coarser, that don't have to think it must be fake. Of course there are also some quality in imitation, imitation, do manual work is relatively high, zha eye a look really look not to come out with quality goods quality is tall what is low, this time we will compare to detail place, Champion quality goods at the time of needlework LOGO C word mouth place two tails width is usually on the thin. This many imitations are didn't pay attention to, and though not all, but individual style of champion fisherman hat LOGO above the C and H in needlework design is connected, it can also act as an individual style of appraisal way. 2, see tags, on the authenticity of the tags should have clear money, with clear color, size, price. Not all, of the fakes are generally marked, or is not standard. Fake goods to make a lot of money for convenience clothes are common tags, buy can directly to stick a label. Note the description of each field is consistent with real right, a lot of fake tags should be disorderly to fill in, such as heavy T1101 short T drop models should be C5 - P301。 3, see the armband, champion of the product number of the most difficult of all parts of fraud is the armband ( Is the small scale) Because the Champion product besides the armband other parts can be processing production in China, only armband is manufactured in Japan back to China, by workers to sew up again, so it's difficult to even high copy to make the same armband. But with the development of production technology, the stronghold and generic technology in improving also, if they do the merchants of fake and shoddy seriously do really willing to spend a little cost, it is difficult to distinguish authenticity and fake. Want to have a guarantee from the official way to purchase should be the most secure way. But imagine if you buy the champion champion fisherman hat after the above several ways carefully identified or can not determine the true and false, that even if it is fake goods is very high quality replicas.
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