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Cap should be how to choose?

by:ACE     2020-06-12
Cap are many tie-in choice, although they are paired with cap on the collocation of clothing is diverse, but we choose the cap with can not blindly pick, then cap should be how to choose? Fellow fashionistas believe when choosing cap of this kind of hats have their own thoughts, but the Ace here still want to teach fish to swim. How to choose cap? First of all, the top cap to attract your eyes, that is to say, at first glance, you can look, if don't seem to feel, not your type, other conditions that how to meet again it is no use. At the first sight after the next step is to see a hat with you whether the collocation, cap and you don't take, can from the color of skin, face, and your clothing style. In our previous articles 'how to choose a suitable hat' in more detail, you are interested can go to look at. Ok, hat is your favorite, modelling has something very match with your style, what you need to think about that? Next is the ratio of performance to consider, the quality of the hat and the price is also a reference factors, we choose the cap if you again the local tyrants, you also can't take the price to buy cheap Gucci hat! ! ! ! Can see the quality of the hat from the fabric, workmanship, seam and brand these considerations. If really like also can proceed with even higher prices, after all, money doesn't buy good minds! At this point must be gratified cap even if choose finished, you go to pick the right cap yourself! Custom cap choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace!
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