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Brand of famous hat brand know how much

by:ACE     2020-08-19
1, NIKE is the world famous sports brand, the sports goods all-encompassing of production, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on, the hat is not their main product, but pay attention to the quality of old brand, hat quality natural does not poor. 2,Ace Ace Is located in guangzhou, a manufacturer hat brand of 20 years, mainly to do hat processing production, also have provide t-shirts and other clothing production, for many well-known enterprises such as wal-mart and other hat production, processing. 3, UNIQLO hat UNIQLO , the Japanese clothing brand, by Japan's fast retailing company was founded in 1963, was a small clothing store sales suit, has now become an international well-known clothing brands. 4, adidas adidas Founded in 1949, is a German sports goods maker adidas AG member companies. With its founder adolf & middot; Adidas & middot; Das In 1920, named black cuo root ullah began production of footwear products, is now a world famous sports brand. 5, prada prada ( PRADA) Is the Italian luxury brand, by Mario & middot; Prada was founded in milan, Italy in 1913. Miuccia Prada's unique talent is the unremitting pursuit of new ideas, combined with the curiosity for knowledge, and cultural interests, which opened up a road to pioneer. Prada provide men and women clothing, leather goods, shoes, glasses, perfume, and provide customized service. 6, Gucci, Gucci, the Italian fashion brand, by Gucci Mr & middot; Gucci founded in Florence, Italy in 1921. GUCCI products including fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, fashion brand GUCCI all along famed with high-grade, luxurious, sex appeal at the world, with & other The identity and fortune indicative & throughout; Brand image makes rich upper-class consumer favorite, has always been business circles personage all along, fashionable do not break decorous again. Gucci is now one of the largest fashion group in Italy. 7, Balenciaga Balenciaga Balenciaga is one of the fashion industry's most influential brand. In 1919 crystal barr & middot; Valencia Founded in 1936, located in Paris, he led the between 1930 to 1968, many important fashion movement. Representative clothing series embodies the brand identity, leather goods, shoes and accessories are also a global success. 8, a New Era of New Era, was founded in 1920, in October 2016, the New Era to become the NBA and WNBA and NBA development league official cap partners. Since 1920, the New Era has been using the best tire technology by hand carve. Brand and design clothing and accessories series, rooted in the sport culture and street life, become a world market leader. 9, forceful Supreme1994 in autumn was born in Manhattan, New York, USA, by James Jebbia establishes. The name's original intention is the highest, supreme. Name is combined with slide, Hip Hop culture and American street clothing brand is given priority to with a skateboard. 10、Chinese is stu west The trend of the brand is originated from the United States. Founder is Shawn Stussy will slide suits, overalls, old school uniform design to join stew of costume design in the west, formed a style that is different from the original street clothes. I 11, Aape Aape is Hong Kong. T group with Japanese street popular logo A Bathing Ape young deputy regional Aape new building. Is BAPE youth series, walk the common path, relative to the price down by 40% ~ 50%, and its purpose is to let love BAPE culture of the younger generation can afford them.
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