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Beret how to wear off?

by:ACE     2020-06-16
Beret autumn/winter season is very popular a hat, fashion and elegant, can foil the temperament of girl, many girls are enthusing about it. But beret good-looking is good-looking, but I don't like our common baseball cap these styles has a tail buckle adjust the structure of cap size, but also unlike sets knit cap, cap, which can be further trapping head is fixed, so we often encounter beret to wear wearing berets instability problem, head a large range activity at all likely to fall! Is very annoying, so let's take a look at let beret what methods of fixed, it's not! Let beret to wear up will not drop method, at present the method is of more beret sew a beret clamp, because now most of the stores will give away when we buy beret beret clip, so is more people will choose this way. This method can not only effectively fixed beret, and will not affect the look and feel of the after wearing berets, so it is very useful and effective method of fixed beret! If we buy stores not send beret clip, but we don't want to buy again, also can actually hairpin usually used, as long as we are in the beret hat circumference position on sew two cloth belt, cloth belt seaming is both ends fixed on the cap circumference, middle hollow out, then wear time as long as the pin through the cloth belt in the middle to grip the hair can also have the effect of the fixed beret! Also can choose with bangs, flow to the sea, lining seam in the beret hat with a good location in the first head wear good bang stick on the beret, fixed, if a solid enough can sew one or two more. Likewise fixed, in addition you can also use some beret itself with place, design so it's very harmonious, good-looking, but if it is in itself not with chinstrap beret, we need to add seam likewise up good will have to choose the right colors and styles, or sew it will very acosmia, affect the look and feel of the after wearing berets! Get to the above methods, the mother in also need not worry about my beret will fall! Now you can rest assured to choose their favorite beret, under this qiu dong well show you elegant modesty!
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