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Baseball cap to wear method, to avoid these five NG dai method

by:ACE     2020-06-28
Baseball cap is summer must-have fashion sheet is tasted, not only can be used to shade, also lazy savior, don't want to wear your hair it can go out, but as long as wear baseball caps will not go wrong? Ace below 5 baseball caps for you to sort out the NG dai, just avoid these mines and a baseball cap to nature is handy! 1. Baseball cap, not the savior of the saddle hair hat for many people in addition to the choice of fashion collocation, or cover up the messy hair's right-hand man. Some people are too lazy to hair, you just go out wearing a baseball cap, but that can only cover the top messy hair, the exposed part can still clearly see clearly did not arrange, appear people listless, really have no energy. This have what good solution? You can try to plunge into a ponytail, tied up the horse can make people appear spirit, grasp the fluffy little can also be horsetail, modelling is more sense. 2. Baseball cap must be 'wear good wearing full' baseball cap if not adjust tightness, or will a hat too high, can make a baseball cap looks too big, lost the effect of modified head type, appear top-heavy. So wearing a baseball cap must adjust the firmness suits him the position of the head type, not too loose or too tight, so baseball cap can wear comfortably only good-looking. 3. Brim show round face don't think the pressure is too low will cap along the low pressure, the more the better modify brow, if the pressure to the eyebrows, it will make your face look larger, more rounded. So when wearing a baseball cap brim should how low pressure is appropriate? On location in the middle of the forehead is the most suitable, let the eyebrow eye is clear, not only have the effect of a modified face on the vision, also can let a person see you clear facial features! 4. Don't hair, Liu Haiquan away if your face is fat kind, must pay attention to don't receive the ear hair, it will face seems to be very big. Put a hat the same reason, if not to leave some forelock modified face, not only show round face, also can let a person produce less hair, bald illusion. So whether it will be a baseball cap is wear or wear, don't will Liu Haiquan away, if points, no flow in the sea of girls want to bind horsetail, left some forelock. 5. Hat have to again good also want to choose the right clothes although baseball cap was a joker, but also do not represent what clothes are appropriate, such as a turtle neck or put collarbone full dress doesn't fit, because baseball cap itself will be down the upper part of the visual effects, if deserve to go up again this kind of clothing, will appear the neck is very short. So wear cap should try to choose v-neck, a word or collar bone exposed clothes, if must match hat T, can choose neckline slightly lower design, can let the neck extension effect, also won't show round face. These five NG both baseball cap you remember? Remember next time you're wearing a baseball cap to avoid! Custom baseball cap to choose professional Ace hat!
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