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Autumn and winter essential fashion hats, nice beret

by:ACE     2020-08-19
Since the 70 s classic film 'bonnie and Clyde' Faye Dunaway wearing a beret, fashionable whole world with the image of the triangle scarves, after the fire, berets became the darling of the fashion world and today it in fashion status remains unchanged, also use felt, cotton fabric more customized beret very suitable for the climate of autumn winter season, its artistic charm and retro style restoring ancient ways is qiu dong return best hat selection elegant but not deliberate, elegance and send out the thick fashionable breath, restoring ancient ways make beret numerous fashion fairy qiu dong's most often choose the cap collocation of style. Beret tonal choose there are a lot of, all sorts of color berets are very good-looking, but if you are a natural hair color black and reed color will suit a little more, add wool material custom, similar material on collocation coat or sweater, a fashion and elegant winter fairy LOOK out! For a hat with fairies, no beret qiu dong is incomplete, you little fairies don't hurry up to your wardrobe a beret!
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