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Ace hatting factory making brand advertisement cap with Coca-Cola in hand

by:ACE     2020-08-16
Recently we Ace hat company cooperation with world first drink coke launched advertising cap, used to promote the sale of company products and sponsor of the event, the success made for Coca-Cola advertising caps also let our company's technological level is more on a stage. The Coca-Cola company is the world's largest beverage companies in the United States, was born in 1886 in the United States, from the date of birth, has been in the love of people, especially the kind of wonderful feeling, off-dry carefree. Its earlier mainly produce carbonated drinks, after into a comprehensive beverage company. Since 2013, in order to cater to young Chinese consumers, Coca-Cola launched series & other; Show MOE & throughout; The new packaging. The packing of popular network vocabulary seize the young consumers eyeball, when you see & other; Bai Fu beauty & throughout; 、“ Girlfriends & throughout; 、“ All man & throughout; 、“ Moonlight clan & throughout; 、“ The little girl & throughout; 、“ Meow star people & throughout; When words appear on the coke bottle, do you feel shine at the moment? The Coca-Cola company is the world-famous pop king, with the development of the market will be launched after clothing and Coca-Cola Coca-Cola baseball cap? Maybe later there will be soon! Guangzhou Ace hat factory, is a set design, production in a body's modernized hat, hat manufacturer, 23 years custom hat production experience, can provide customers with: baseball cap, sports cap, empty top hat, hip-hop cap, gift cap, advertising cap, travel cap, promotional cap, cap, all cotton hat, cap, wash water cap, adult hat, child hat, five caps/six pages hat, sun hat/empty hat, flat hat/cap, fisherman cap/hat all sorts of styles, such as the material of the hat custom service, 3 - 5 days fast proofing and on time delivery, the company's website: http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 Com /, welcome to come to consult, for custom hat you like.
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