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2019 NBA champion! This year's championship hats are the team logo on the raptors!

by:ACE     2020-08-29
2019 NBA finals came to a close this morning in Beijing time, eventually the warriors still failed to keep the raptors on the offensive, and eventually the raptors 4-2 on aggregate after winning the championship trophies this year. And this year's championship hat the team logo is replaced by the raptors. Every year the whistle the end of the NBA finals, we always see the champion team players wear marked champion team cap began to celebrate, this is the NBA official hat partners NEW ERA is specially designed for the winning team, this year the raptors after winning the lens to the FMVP Kawhi Leonard, he also put on the hat belongs to the raptors 2019 NBA finals champion. Their first NBA finals since this year is the raptors team, but also won the NBA championship trophy for the first time, so this hat with raptors mark championship believe for the raptors fans must be worth collect carefully, does not have memorable hat. As the raptors fans of you, how can you miss? Through the playoffs raptors fan is also nots allow to miss you! This kind of hat you if want to buy a New Era on the website have yo, of course I won't tell you, if you want to custom can find our Ace hat also can!
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